Win with DrivePlus from Direct Line

DrivePlus by Direct Line is a new kind of car insurance that uses black box technology to offer you money off your car insurance based on your driving style.

Apply for a quote now and receive an upfront discount – 25% if you’re under 21! You’ll also be entered into our prize draw for a chance of winning one of our brilliant prizes.

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How DrivePlus Works

  • step-1

    Plug In

    Take out DrivePlus insurance and we'll send you the DrivePlus Plug-in. It’s so easy to set up, once you plug it in, it will do the rest.

  • step-2


    As you drive, the DrivePlus Plug-in will monitor your driving behaviour for things like braking, and acceleration.

  • step-3


    Check your driving score and how well you’re driving on our DrivePlus Portal.

  • step-4


    If you drive safely, you’ll be rewarded with a discounted premium at renewal based on your driving score.

Drivers aged 21-25 can get at least a 15% upfront discount. Drivers 26 and over may also receive a discount, but if your premium is under £600 you may pay extra in your first year's premium to receive the DrivePlus Plug-in. The DrivePlus Plug-in is only available for cars manufactured later than 2002.

The DrivePlus App

If you’re not ready to apply for a quote just yet, why not download our DrivePlus App? It’s a free smartphone app available for iPhone and Android handsets, specially designed to test your driving skills.